Lock Your Dentures in Place With Adhesives

Are you ever annoyed of your insecure, unstable dentures? If so, our Smiles Dental team has a suggestion for you! Why don’t you secure your dentures with an adhesive?

A denture adhesive in Woodburn, Oregon, generally comes in the form of a paste or powder. This product is very beneficial if you want sturdy and reliable results. However, the only way the adhesive is safe and effective is if you use it the correct way. If you don’t use it properly or if your denture needs to be adjusted instead, your oral tissues could be severely damaged. So, to help you properly use these products and keep your smile in tip-top shape, Dr. Don Chen has provided the following instructions:

-Paste adhesive: When placing the adhesive onto the denture, please be sure not to put it close to the borders. Also, remember that if the product oozes, it’s best to only use a small amount. To properly place the adhesive on the upper jaw denture, apply three short strips to the appliance—two along the ridge area and one down the center. For the lower jaw, apply three short strips, or a series of small dots, in the center of the ridge area.

-Powder adhesive: The powder adhesive may be a bit easier to use than the paste. All you need to do is sprinkle the powder on the tissue-bearing surface of the denture. Then, shake off the extra powder and place the denture in your mouth. Many like this product because it’s easier to clean and it does not have the tendency to keep the denture away from the tissue.

If you are interested in knowing more about denture adhesives or if you would like to see if your denture needs an adjustment, please call 503.980.4657 today and schedule an appointment with your dentist. The sooner you come into our office, the sooner you’ll have the results you need!