Teeth-Healthy Candy to Give on Halloween

As the trick-or-treaters visit your doorstep, don’t give out the cavities that come with the hard, sticky, and sour candy normally found at each house—give out teeth-healthy candy and help the children prevent tooth decay this Halloween!

Some of the delicious yet healthy treats we encourage you to hand out include:

• Dark chocolate
• Nuts
• Sugar-free candy
• Sugar-free gum
• Granola bars
• Breakfast bars
• Popcorn
• Pretzels
• Apples
• Sugar-free suckers

There are many healthy candy options available in the world today, and we encourage you to choose a few different types and pass them out on Halloween. No matter which treats you decide to give to your trick-or-treaters, it is important that you do not hand out hard, sticky, or sour candy. These treats will cling to your teeth and will produce acid in your mouth, which will eventually result in tooth decay.

Additional things you can pass out that won’t harm the children’s smiles are toothbrushes, water bottles, puzzles, and small games. The little witches and vampires will be happy to see these entertaining, hydrating, and smile-cleaning prizes when they visit your home.

For additional tips and suggestions, call our office today and talk to our caring and friendly dental team! We are happy to help you in any way we can.