Breaking Down the Cost of Oral Health

Our team at Smiles Dental understands that our patients’ biggest worry when it comes dental health care is the cost. We often hear the question, “Well, how much will this treatment cost me?” Well, there’s no need to worry when you come visit Smiles Dental! We have a great system in place so our patients know and understand their treatment and payment options at our office.

Every dental treatment cost is different, and it usually depends on what needs to be done. Until the doctor or hygienist has you sitting in the chair to see what is going on with an individual situation, estimating costs is almost impossible. After you have seen the doctor and had x-rays, we are ready to provide our patients with complete information on procedures and costs. Once you and the doctor agree on a treatment plan, only then do we begin treatment.

Insurance companies and coverage can be a pain at times, which is why we have a team of Insurance Coordinators who are dedicated to working directly with insurance companies so our patients don’t have to. When a patient receives an estimate for their treatment plan, the plan outlines how much of the total cost is expected to be covered by insurance and how much will be out-of-pocket from the patient. If you have any questions at all about insurance and dental treatment, please ask away so we can help you make the most informed decision about your oral health.

Our team can help you understand what your benefits will cover when you call to schedule an appointment. It’s important to start using insurance benefits, especially for regular cleanings and exams, soon so you are not stuck with leftovers at the end of the year! Your benefits are there for you to use to ensure your health is taken care of. You can visit our website or call our office to see if we are an in-network provider with your insurance company. Taking care of your oral health with an in-network provider will help you maximize your benefits.

For our patients who do not have insurance, we offer financing options through Wells Fargo. Our front desk team is able to help get you pre-approved so your oral health is taken care of!
Our team strives to give you the best dental experience possible, and we believe we can do so by helping you with dental insurance as well as offering the highest quality of dental health care services. If you have any questions, please give us a call. We are happy to help you!